Family Law

Family Law requires personal attention to complex issues and the ability to council, comfort, and serve the best interest of every client. Each day families are challenged by issues with potentially lifelong consequences. These decisions can be some of the most difficult ones a family will ever face. Our goal at Brittain Law is to help you understand your legal rights and guide you to solutions you need now and will need in the future. We resolve delicate legal matters with compassion, sensitivity, and protection of your privacy.

Family Law issues often include a complex mixture of emotion, family history, assets, and future goals. Brittain Law understands the larger picture of complex challenges, the nuances of state laws that may play a significant role in the outcome of a case, and how to manage them. From child custody and support, issues regarding alimony and property division, and divisions of assets, our team of Family Law attorneys provides our clients with comprehensive and compassionate representation with the creative strategies necessary to plan for your future.

Divorce Law

Family Law is an area of law that deals with family related matters and domestic relations. These areas include marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, child abuse, child abduction, divorce, annulments, property settlements, alimony, child custody and visitation, and other related matters.

Child Custody and Support

Child Custody and Support can be some of the most contentious issues in a divorce. It may include physical custody, legal custody, sole custody, or joint custody. Regardless, it is always more beneficial to your children to resolve all issues as quickly as possible.

Spousal Support/Alimony

Spousal support is a common term to define money paid to a spouse during or after the divorce process. The party receiving the money depends on many factors, one such factor is usually dependent upon which party made the most money and their respective role. It is awarded by a court to maintain the standard of living both spouses were accustomed to during the marriage.

Property and Asset Division

Dividing property and assets during a divorce can be very difficult especially if the assets are significant. State laws can also affect the distribution of assets. All or most assets acquired during the marriage are considered marital property. Your best choice is an attorney that understands all of the issues involved.


Separate support and maintenance allows you to remain married and live separately. Issues that can be addressed may include division of assets and debts, child custody and support, spousal support, and visitation schedules. It is important to come to a separation agreement you can live with as it may carry over to a divorce.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that involves the abuse of an individual against another in an intimate relationship, such as marriage, cohabitation, dating, or within a family. The abuse may be physical, mental, verbal, economic, or sexual in nature. Your attorney must have a competent knowledge of the law, knowledge of domestic violence and its dynamics, competence in cultural issues related to representation, and competent knowledge of legal issues and litigation to represent you in these cases.

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