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Our Story

Brittain Law was created to truly focus on the needs of our clients and deliver a voice to those in need. The firm was founded by, and is directed by, Thomas C. Brittain, with over 30 years of distinguished representation and national recognition. The firm focuses in Criminal Law, Family Law, and Personal Injury cases.

Thomas C. Brittain

Thomas C. Brittain has experienced a lifetime of success. As a leader in the military as a Captain with the US Army 1st Cavalry Division, to having had gained acceptance into the prestigious Academy of Trial Lawyers for exceptional integrity and representation in law, awarded to the very best of courtroom trial lawyers in the United States. But “Tommy”, as his friends, family, and clients call him, had a vision that would lead to an extraordinary experience and the creation of a very special group. It would become a legal team talented and driven to face difficult challenges and defend each client with the power of a family working as a team.

The Brittain family, like most families, are compassionate and drawn to each other with a special bond and a competitive nature. Case, Preston, and Mary Madison, by choice, followed in the footsteps of their father to the practice of law. They have succeeded at successfully attaining their dreams of becoming attorneys. Tommy Brittain saw the beginning of a new vision, a dynamic team of trial lawyers seeking to protect the rights of their clients. This is Brittain Law.

Our Perspective

Our strength is our desire to get to the heart and soul of your legal issues and develop strategies to solve your legal challenges. Every case is different and we thrive on variety and creativity. Our aim is to distill the essence of what is important, unique to your case, and supportive of your position to create compelling and definitive strategies for the purpose of achieving successful results.

The Power of Family

Everyone likes to feel that someone really cares about them and works hard to protect their interest. Our process is personal and individualized. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of our clients. We are a team of independently talented attorneys who believe it is our mission to serve the needs of our clients with creative thinking and aggressive representation. Every case is approached with the preparation required for trial, and while many cases do not require trial, this approach is integral. Our culture and identity are based upon synergy and collaboration. It is the belief in the power of “We” that drives our passion.