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personal injury

Brittain Law is dedicated to successfully helping clients with personal injury. Our areas of experience nclude Auto Accident Law, Motorcycle Accident Law, Wrongful Death Law, Premises Liability Law, Worker's Compensation Law, Construction Injury, and Social Security Administration Benefits.

A personal injury case involves a lot of work, research, and ability to achieve a positive result. We approach every case without preconceived ideas or limitations regarding the potential success of the case. We view roadblocks as issues that simply need to be dealt with and pride ourselves on our commitment and unique ability to help our clients.

There is one constant in every personal injury case, the client has been injured physically, mentally, emotionally, and may have to accept limitations in their lives. Many of these cases have life altering results. It is our conviction and responsibility to hold those responsible accountable, and obtain for our client’s compensation to ease the burdens they are now faced with. It is a responsibility we face with humility, and dedication that has no boundaries. These cases are often difficult and require toughness and perseverance. To us it is a call for justice to bring relief to those who need it most.

Brittain Law is experienced in the practice of personal injury law. We are a family working together as a team to gain every advantage for our clients.

Auto and Truck Accidents

Time is a critical factor in the investigation of securing accident vehicles, documenting the physical evidence, and the contact of key witnesses when an accident has occurred. It is very important for you to retain an attorney to discuss your case and prevent the loss of critical evidence, witness identification, or physical damage that may lessen the value of your claim. Insurance companies defending the at fault driver often initiate an immediate investigation to gain an advantage for their client and their company in the claims process. You should always discuss any claim with your attorney before making any statements to an insurance representative.

Wrongful Death Law

We believe the presentation of a wrongful death case is a representation and celebration of a person’s life and justification for appropriate compensation. The insurance company, or corporation for the responsible person, will vigorously defend their client and his actions. Brittain Law will hold them accountable for their actions and misconduct and achieve settlement, or present your case before a jury to gain proper compensation. Protect your family’s rights.

Product Liability Law

Product liability refers to the liability of products that contain defects that cause harm to a consumer of the product. Product liability claims can be based on negligence, liability, or a breach of warranty and includes all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product for damage caused by that product. If a person is injured by a defective product considered unreasonably dangerous or unsafe, the injured person may have a claim or cause of action against the company that designed, manufactured, sold, distributed, or furnished the product.

Worker’s Compensation

Are you having problems getting Worker’s Compensation benefits? Have you been injured on the job and been denied medical assistance for necessary treatment or with paying medical bills? The worker’s compensation system was formed to ensure workers receive immediate and long-term medical assistance they need following workplace injuries. Yet, too often, claims are delayed or even denied. It is important you seek legal support as quickly as possible to ensure you receive the medical assistance you need while your case is being prepared with a claims adjuster. Although it is best to initiate a worker’s compensation claim with an attorney immediately following your accident, we often accept cases following a denial of your claim.

Social Security Administration

If you are disabled and unable to work, you may have legal rights to receive disability compensation from the Social Security Administration. Are you in chronic pain, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or is a disease or mobility issue preventing you from working? These issues may have resulted from physical, emotional, or mental injuries. We research evidence from medical records, expert medical opinions, injury reports, and witness testimony to prepare your case based on the criteria required by the Social Security Administration.

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